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OC Tint Shop Inc. is Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego’s trusted custom glass tinting and window tinting tints film experts. You can count on us for the installation, repair, and replacement of window tinting, window film, window films, window tints, window tint, tints, tinting, tint, tinted windows, tint shops, glass tinting, glass tint, commercial window tinting, commercial window film, commercial window tint, residential window tinting, residential window film, residential window tint, office window tinting, office window tint, home window tinting, home window tint, house window tinting, house window tint, business window tinting, mobile window tinting, mobile window tint, mobile tinting, windows, glass, skylights, skylight, glass doors on cars, car, auto vehicle automobile, automotive, commercial, office, business, residential, home, house, estimate, estimates, prices, prices, cost, quote, quotes, dealer, authorized, shops, shop, installer, installers, professional, installation, shades, shade, laws, specials, services, service, sale, reviews, review, remove, removing, removal, removals, coupons, coupon, best, the best, custom, local, quality, on-site, mobile, armorcoat, graffitigard, solar gard, suntek, llumar, vista, johnsons, 3M, 3M prestige, solyx, ceramic, spectrally selective, neutral, natural, colors, colored, black, white, gray, grey, blue, silver, bronze, gold, green, yellow, red, orange, clear, uv, dual reflective, reflective, low e, superior, interior, exterior, mirror, one way mirror, frosted, frost, sand blast, sand blasted, warranty, lifetime, smoke, limo, charcoal, metal, dye, cheap, cheapest, how much is, affordable, inexpensive, expensive, energy, solar, decorative, signal defense, safety, security, fragment retention window film, fragment retention film, shatter-resistant film, blast-resistant film, anti-terrorism film, glass protection film, anti-graffiti, graffiti, privacy, energy, energy efficient, in, around, OC Orange County CA.

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No matter where the threat comes from our security films can help you  be prepared for the worst. Sever weather like gusty Santa Ana Winds or Earthquakes can cause glass to crack into dangerous sharp pieces.  Protect against both personal injury and property damage by installing our security film. Our Clear Thick Films offer 10 Year Warranty for Commercial purposes & Lifetime Warranty for Residential. When we apply our Clear Security Window Films, you have the option to add a Wet Glaze Attachment System fully sealed with Dow 995 Silicone for Maximum Protection. We offer a variety of clear thickness films to choose from as well as tinted solar control options to cut down the glare and reduce the solar heat. Tinted Security Films are available in Neutral & Silver Reflective Shades.

Benefits of Clear Security Window Film:

              Reduces the risk of being hit by a piece of a flying glass shard which can be caused by things like a natural disasters, vandalism & indoor accidents (such as kids throwing a baseball into a window, running into a glass door or a toddler falling against a window. Our Films are the key to preventing a medical emergency.

Protection:          Protect your people and your property

                Human Threat Protection

                Natural Hazard Protection

                Accidental Damage Protection

Prevent Against:

        Bomb Blasts

        Street Crime


        Damage from the Sun

        Discomfort from the Sun - Solar Security Films also available

                 (*Feature to Add protection from the heat of the Sun - Tinted Security Films Available)

*Real Life Success Story: “Rob, Your film saved our son’s life. My son was playing in the living room  and ended up running into one of the glass windows. Your film held the glass in place and saved my son’s life, thank you so much. I am going to tell all my friends with kids” David N.

Signal Defense Security Window Film / EMI Safety Film

  Our special transparent security window film will give your glass protection against electronic intrusion on wireless networks,  cell phones / land lines, laptops & computers, PDAs and much more. Protect your classified data from signal leakage & information theft. Available in both: Signal Defense + Security Feature  & Signal Defense. Install our specialty safety window film and gain protection on your electronic assets 24-7. Available in thicker options for added security to the glass. For security reasons this is all that we may display, for additional information please contact our office.  

Safety & Security Window Film